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Virtual Hottie 2 4.5 out of 5 blue balls 4.5/5

Solark LLC | v2.03 | 12/28/06

Virtual Hottie 2 website

In the not too distant past, I received an onslaught of friendly emails requesting that I post a review, or a blurb, or even a sentence fragment about a new interactive sex game involving a girl on a couch. That game was Virtual Hottie. It was far from perfect, yet still an inexpensive and pleasant diversion. With an interactive 3D dildo. Several years later, persistent creator Hal Rogers has recreated his interactive fantasy and slapped a number 2 on it. I’m not here to tell you that the “sequel” is a whole other level of sexual entertainment. I’m here to tell you that it’s several levels and perhaps a few light years ahead of its predecessor. Let the review begin.

The first thing you’re presented with is the options screen, where you may customize one or two girls, as well as a guy. For the girls, there are three shades of skintone for each of four different ethnicities, providing plenty of skin color choices for your babe. You may also change eye and hair color, and hair style, while breast sizes range from A to triple D. Other options include glasses on or off, glossiness on or off, which I preferred off, piercings on or off, which when on would appear to sometimes “float” off of the girls’ bodies, and some clothing options. I usually chose to keep them undressed because once in a scenario there was no way to remove their clothes without jumping back to options. On the male, only eyes, race/skin tone, and penis size can be adjusted. This is perfectly adequate but there are still several options that actually change one of the “hotties” even when the male is being displayed. The interface is a little confusing during this section but is otherwise very clean and intuitive.

After tweaking your characters to taste, you select a scenario which includes a location and either single girl, girl-guy, girl-girl, or threesome. Once in the scene, the natural and fluid movements of the virtual characters are striking. They start off in a romantic pose, caressing and sometimes kissing. There’s an extensive menu of sexual positions to put them in, and once a style of copulation is chosen, they take their time to maneuver their bodies into the appropriate arrangement. It’s very realistic, and very cool. Thanks to well executed motion capture, the characters carry out fluid transitions between every position. The sex looks great too, with little details like where they put their hands on eachother’s bodies increasing the level of realism.

You control the action with your mouse, which is also used to effortlessly move the camera to any angle or vantage point. You may also elect to let your virtual fuck friends take things into their own hands, at one of three different speeds. On occasion various buttons pop up, among which allow you to carry out a very gentle “slap,” or tell the girl to play with her tits or pussy while she’s getting fucked, or switch between hand job and blow job. There are also a few sex toys.

In terms of character models these graphics are on par with most current generation first person shooter games. The girls’ faces in particular are very expressive and easy on the eyes, although there is really only one face. Several hair and skin color choices help overcome this limitation. Breasts, nipples, asses, and legs all look enticing, with extra attention given to their realistic pussies. The backgrounds look quite good but not great, yet they don’t need to because that’s not where you should be looking. However they do effectively put your virtual sex partners in a variety of locales, including the beach, a temple, the forest, and a “room,” which is really just a plain white backdrop.

Ambient sound is unique for each location as well. As for other sounds, the girls moan and make orgasmic sounds, and they’re not overly repetitive, which is a good thing. Depending on the current action, there are other sexual sounds that one would expect to hear during lovemaking.

There are a fair amount of collision detection issues, where sometimes a breast or a hand partially disappears inside the other character’s body, or the woman’s lips don’t stay wrapped around that cock she’s trying to suck. (This is a different problem than some guys may be experiencing in real life.)

I can only imagine how difficult this is to program, and for this high level of dynamic motion, blow jobs usually look quite convincing. The hotties use their hands, but one of them seemed to be using her teeth. I guess some of the hotties aren’t particularly experienced. There is also a little spittle which is a nice touch.

There is plenty in Virtual Hottie 2 to keep you coming back for more. There are a few issues with collision detection and some other minor gripes, but these are easily forgiven when you consider the wealth of possibities. You can make two girls lovingly tongue kiss, or add a guy into the mix for a threesome and a different menu of excellent looking positions for three people. You can have two girls go down on one guy, or have one guy finger both girls. You can have one girl masturbate for you, or have two girls ass to ass with a double dildo. Combine all those options with a great interface, pretty graphics, and stunning animation, and you have a winner. Solark continues to release free updates to registered customers, and I’ve seen many fantastic improvements over earlier builds and am confident that this will continue. This just might be the best way to experience your fantasies outside of the real thing.

Virtual Hottie 2 website

Check out actual gameplay from Virtual Hottie 2 below!

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