Feb 022010

Featuring Carly (HD) from January and Lexi from February. Carly is a wild woman who needs to be tamed with some virtual rough sex and Lexi is a slutty little trollop who comes in two hair colors and just wants to be loved while you’re fucking her. Both girls could suck the chrome off an elephant…. if an elephant were to be chromed that is. VirtualFem stays true to their guarantee to release a new virtual fuck friend on the first of every month and doesn’t disappoint for the first two months of the new decade. And if you’re new to the party, think of this as porn from your perspective where you text-chat with the girl to control the action. If you’re a veteran this release also includes a minor update to the AI and some fixes.

Jan – Carly

Carly and hundreds of other hot girls are waiting to please you….

Feb – Lexi

Go here to interact with and sexually control hundreds of girls this way

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