Oct 022008

If you haven’t checked out VirtualFem, (AGR’s review) now’s the time. Well any time is good really, because for several years now the peeps behind this virtual nymphomaniac simulator have been releasing a new hot girl on the first of each month. And in fact they tell me they’ve only ever been a few hours late, which, to be quite honest, is like, totally unacceptable. (kidding). So what can you do with her? Well VirtualFem lets you chat it up with an eroticized artificial intelligence that responds with text and video scenes of what you want her to do, within reason. No telling her to slap herself with a dead fish or have sex with a horse. But you never know what interactions future releases may bring.

October’s girl, released just yesterday, is Jersey, a craven underling whose sole purpose in life is to please her boss. That’s you.

Get VirtualFem, Jersey, and about a gazillion other girls you can virtualize sexual relations with HERE.

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