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Virtual Fem 4 out of 5 blue balls 4/5

The quest to recreate a personalized virtual slut continues in Virtual Fem, a video based AI that you can interact with. It is clearly a throwback to the classic AIVR Girlfriend series where players got a chance to attempt conversation with the girl of their dreams, eventually talking her out of her clothes and into the bedroom. While AIVR went out of business several years back, their idea of merging AI with porn lives on in VirtualFem, which I recently had the privilege of taking out for a test drive.


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Original review 10/5/04

Whether or not you had the chance to experience any of the AIVR Girlfriend series firsthand, now you can once more talk (well, type) to the girl behind the screen. Make a little small talk if you like, or just get right down to business and tell her to strip, play with herself, suck your cock, have sex, and a few other things.

At the time of this writing, there are four girls to download for no extra cost than the initial price of the main program. Easily my favorite is Emily, and I doubt there are many that would disagree. She’s exactly what you want out of a virtual girlfriend, or any girlfriend (just don’t tell mine); young, beautiful, perfect body and smile, and a museum worthy pussy. She’s the quintessential girl next door. The other three girls vary in attractiveness but they’re all fuckable. (1/14/05 Update: there are now several new hotties to download with more being added monthly)

The videos that react to your various comments look great and were downsized with a high quality compressor to make the files downloadable. You may command your girl by speaking into a microphone if you have one, by using Microsoft’s speech recognition features that have been integrated into VirtualFem. I haven’t tried it out myself, but it’s a cool feature and I would imagine it works fine as long as Microsoft did a good job creating that software.

The AI itself is good, but don’t expect miracles. You can have your fun with it within certain boundaries, occassionally getting a surprising and often funny (if not always intentionally so) response. But often the response won’t make much sense, which will remind you that you’re talking to a computer after all but will also whet your appetite for what’s to come in terms of erotic AI.

The AI scripts of any girl can be altered or expanded with any response/reaction you see fit, all with a user friendly interface. If you want to ask Emily if she likes your hairstyle and have her respond with “Oh god yes, I LOVE mullets, they makes my pussy so fucking wet, oh shit, fuck me NOW,” then feel free. If you want to ask her to be your sex slave who brings home other girls for you to have sex with while she watches and/or participates and have her agree enthusiastically, then you can do that too. Wait, that’s what I want to program into my real girlfriend. You can also have any video on your hard drive be part of the reaction, including the ones already used in VirtualFem.

If there’s anything to complain about here it’s that there’s no challenge to getting the girls undressed and horny. If you want to go from dressed to fucking, you pretty much can, with just a little intermittent stripping getting in the way. I’m not saying it should be a riddle, just a logical course of conversation events that get you closer to her pussy. One girl, Natalie, who is the “virgin” of the group, requires a simple phrase to unlock her chastity belt, but that’s the extent of it.

The AI isn’t perfect, but it gets the jobs done, and so will you if you like explicit action that you get to command directly. So if you’re looking for some direct conversational interaction with a hot slut who will perform explicit sexual acts on command, then look no further.

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