Jul 072012

This summer brings an array of attractive and willing ladies into the VirtualFem arena of interactive artificial intelligence.  You know the drill; type what you want them to do and marvel at the magic on your monitor.  Need your hands for more pressing tasks?  Plug in a microphone and babble your commands like a deranged Barry White.  Or better yet, play a Barry White recording into the mic and see what the hell happens.  You don’t have anything better to do, right?  Me neither.  Read on for my witty descriptions of each girl.

Check out these beautiful naughty girls here
There’s also a software update for existing users (v3.09)
Brook – Gorgeous nippled naughty nurse, just watch out for her uber nails when she handles your wenus.

Dee – Exotic, luscious haired sexpot with plenty of flava to spare sporting a beautiful pair of real breasts. Features long shots of her pretty face and violently bouncing tits while she gets fucked.

Summer – This seasonal gal is a nineteen year old, lovely breasted, honey-skinned babe who is dangerously eager to please.

Brianna – Your date with Brianna starts with her naked in the bathtub, which sure as hell beats dinner and a movie. No reason to go backwards but you can tell her to get “dressed” if you like, or just have your way with this young blondie with pert little tits.

Download VirtualFem here

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