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Virtually Jenna 4 out of 5 blue balls 4/5

xStream3D | Apr 2005

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The most popular porn star in the world is now at your beck and call. Jenna Jameson, the ubiquitous porn star who has appeared in dozens of films, magazines, and an interactive Virtual Sex DVD, is now in full digital form in Virtually Jenna. xStream3D converted Jenna’s face and body to 3D, and the results are very good. They included such details as the heartbreaker tattoo on her ass, her clit ring, and of course Jenna’s large, porn friendly breasts. She also comes in blonde or brunette flavors.






Go here to playVirtually Jenna

Virtually Jenna uses 3DSexvilla’s Thrixxx engine, minus certain extraneous features. For example you can’t adjust her makeup from an infinite palette, change her breast size, or add a nipple chain. But you can change her outfits and do all the same sexual interactions as 3DSexvilla, which has received a few feature upgrades since AGR’s review last October. First person perspective is now supported somewhat, but it’s hard to see the action which is not the case in the original 3DSlut. With Virtually Jenna, you’re better off controlling the scene from one of the many 3rd person cameras, which can be focused on any major body part.

Like 3DSexvilla, you can play with one or any combination of two characters, including both Jennas if you like. There are also a few girls and a guy that come standard with 3DSexvilla that you can throw into the mix. With two Jennas at your disposal however, it’s hard not to choose one of each and make them play nice, which is exactly what I did first. I eventually got around to trying Jenna with a different girl and then with the guy, and here’s where you’ll feel like you’re controlling your own personal porno. For those who aren’t familiar with Thrixxx titles, the sexual interactions involve an array of dildos or fingers that can be inserted in any of Jenna’s orifices; or sex/oral sex in practically any position, guy/girl or girl/girl. You can control the speed directly or set an automatic rhythm of fast, medium, or slow, which is great when you want to adjust the camera angle around the action. You can also have her masturbate for you. A recent addition to the Thrixxx environment is a room where a photo shoot takes place and is included in Virtually Jenna. You can tell her to change her pose and facial expression, and then snap pictures that are saved to your hard drive. There are a few moans and vocal snippets which are really Jenna’s voice but they are sparse and repetitive. She says “Give it to me baby,” a lot which just makes me think of Rick James.Many updates are planned for Virtually Jenna, including 3D versions of several Club Jenna contract girls, and the ability to submit your photo to become a 3D character yourself. Then you can watch as your virtual self gets to have sex with beautiful porn stars. Virtual sex simulations featuring porn stars have been around a long time, but this is the first time a porn star has been reborn in full 3D. Gone are the limitations of video; welcome to the future of porn.

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