Jan 222015

The latest release of XStoryPlayer adds an updated engine, new features, a sandbox sex dungeon, and the first part of a story called Tentacle Dreams. Let’s start with the latter.

You will have to expend some energy to get to the good parts, which makes them all the more worth it. You begin in your bedroom which doubles as a lab within an explorable apartment building. Don’t forget to walk forward against doors to open them, in most cases. Other devices require your interaction. Getting the lab up and running is a puzzle of spinning valves, knobs, buttons, and the effectual coordinating of high speed lasers to the same frequency. Patience grasshopper, you’re going to need it. Once accomplished, you materialize a semi disgusting alien creature, that behaves like a horny pet, with phallic appendages. You see where this is going. 

Here’s a mouthful for you. The nerd-roleplay sci-fi first-person adventure gaming leads to the sexual awakenings of your most adjacent females. This includes your cute, petite Asian neighbor; and your blonde, bombastically-breasted boss lady who runs the high rise office where you work. Your new alien friend breaks the ice, and then you take over. It gives sloppy seconds a whole new meaning. Once you have the reins, very consensual action occurs, followed by whatever you feel like doing when they inevitably pass out. The story ends before you want it to, promising more in the future.  At this point you can’t help but need to know what fucked up shit is going down next.  So far, Tentacle Dreams is fascinating, tedious, weird, and twistedly erotic. The conclusion to the story drops later this year.

New Features

As in previous versions of XStoryPlayer, clothing can be interacted with in a most satisfying way. Click on buttons and bra straps to release them, unzip zippers, and pull fabric right off their bodies as you please. Shooting cum or pee anywhere including any body part or hole remains signature to the series. Graphics have been improved in version 3.0 as well as sexual actions. Putting your character’s cock in her mouth, pussy, or ass, is not only easier but looks more realistic. There are now more and better angles to view the fun times with.

Dungeon Master

Go down to the dungeon at any time outside of the story and play with your female of choice. Sex toys, punishment tools, and slappy things are available to smack her around with. You can actually tell her to take off her panties, suck your dick, get on the bed or in the stocks, and she will do any action without breaking transition. You can even command her to sit on the toilet and pee.

XStoryPlayer 2.1

You can read more about the previous releases here and here.  You will be able to play two stories, each offering hours of gameplay with multiple girls in a variety of situations and environments.  Like in v3.0, there is a fast sex option where you may choose the girl and customize the scenario however you see fit, and get to the action immediately.

Getting XStoryPlayer means receiving the latest version and all previous versions for the same price. If you already have v2.0 or v2.1 there is cheaper upgrade pricing available. There is also a free demo.

Download XStoryPlayer Here

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