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XStoryPlayer 3.5 | 5/5
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XstoryPlayer 3.5 has been released and today I’m here to excite your delicate sensibilities with a review that encompasses all the coverage of the game since it was first released a few years ago. I will start with the latest content and then offer up my previous impressions of content that is included with all releases.

The Basics

The game provides a story mode, as well as a sandbox dungeon to strip, abuse, and otherwise sexually interact with females at your leisure. Let’s start with the story mode.  There are several different stories to choose from, and the older stories currently run under v2.  These include taking revenge on your hot boss lady; convincing a girl into sex via photography; and teaching sex ed to an initially reluctant school girl.  You can read about these here.

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The Tentacle Dreams story wraps up here, where the player fills the role of a nerd living in a laboratory fantasizing about his two favorite lady acquaintances, and then conjuring a small alien from another dimension to assist in getting sex from said females.


“The sci-fi first-person adventure gaming leads to the sexual awakenings of your most adjacent females. This includes your cute, petite Asian neighbor; and your blonde, bombastically-breasted boss lady. Your new alien friend breaks the ice, and then you take over. Once you have the reins, very consensual action occurs, followed by whatever you feel like doing when they inevitably pass out.“

Seems Different Somehow

You might have to really be into alien sex or tentacle porn to appreciate this on an erotic level, although as I pointed out there is human-only contact in between the… other scenes. Despite your proclivities, I recommend you stick it through because it’s interesting and weird enough just from a gaming perspective to see how it plays out.  Most of Tentacle Dreams came out with the last release, so the conclusion to this story doesn’t add hours to the game. But playing it in its entirety provides a satisfying and unique adventure.

Dungeons and Dickgirls

More value comes in the form of the aforementioned dungeon, introduced in v3.0, where either of the two girls could be played with or dominated.


“Sex toys, punishment tools, and slappy things are available to smack her around with. You can actually tell her to take off her panties, suck your dick, get on the bed or in the stocks, and she will do any action without breaking transition. You can even command her to sit on the toilet and pee. “

But now in this latest iteration you may enjoy both Monica and Saiko at the same time. You can set their personalities to several degrees of willing or not, or even have them be passed out for your enjoyment. Saiko, the asian playmate, can be turned into a furry. Which can then also be quickly turned off, reverting her back into human form. But hey whatever floats your boat. Another interesting addition is the futa option for Monica (the blond with mammoth tits); this gives her a penis. This allows for fucking, blowjobs, and cumshots with the fully female Saiko.  And finally, you can be a fat guy.

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Let Me help you with that obstructive clothing

It’s also important to note the technical and interactive gameplay that allows for really hands-on actions that you won’t find in other sex games.


“Clothing can be interacted with in a most satisfying way. Click on buttons and bra straps to release them, unzip zippers, and pull fabric right off their bodies as you please. Shooting cum or pee anywhere including any body part or hole remains signature to the series.“

Depending on their state (awake, bound, or passed out), you can interact with their bodies like so:


“You can move their arms around and affect their movement in subtle ways, but also [if they are passed out] you can move a girl’s body into any position you desire, often pulling them off of a table or chair and dropping them onto the floor for further manipulation. You can stuff your cock into their mouth, pussy, or ass, although you will certainly have to move yourself and them into the exact position for the hole of your choosing.”

And let’s not forget how much fun the original stories are as well.


“…boy was I ready to sedate her and drag her to my apartment for some much earned revenge. While she was passed out, I flipped up her shirt and skirt to have an unfettered look at the goods. Once she was chained up at home, I did what came naturally. The story lines start slowly as you learn your environments and what objects can be interacted with, as well as meet the various ladies who will be the objects of your affections. Soon opens into a multi-tiered erotic experience, where the women are at first very unwilling as you force their sexual discomfort, but they soon come around to reveal they are even kinkier than you.”

This is not just a great value – you get all the previous erotic stories in v2 in addition to everything new – but it’s also a great sex game with an immersive level of interactivity and real characters and stories to delve into.

Download XStoryPlayer Here

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