Oct 232013

You’ve probably heard of Kickstarter, the crowdfunding platform that raises cash for the development of all types of independent projects, including music, film, and of course videogames.  But there is one category noticeably absent from their hundreds of thousands of successful launches.  At least it’s noticeable if your brain is like mine.  Yes that’s right, porn is not allowed.

Enter Offbeatr, crowdfunding for all things that make your grandmother squeamish.  Current projects range from a live action porn parody starring Boba Fett to a concept that turns real life models into virtual 3D porn.

Each project needs a certain amount of votes to be eligible for funding, and then the cash may flow.

XStoryPlayer has reached its funding goal of $15,000 well before the deadline, and is at $16,807 as of this writing.

This means more characters, scenarios, branching story lines, technical improvements, and Oculus Rift support.

But with 21 days to go there are  many more stretch goals to be achieved.  At $25,000 there will be an editor for users to create their own stories and share with others.  At $50,000 they would like to add support for two more hardware devices including the Kinect.

And of course anyone who backs it gets the next version(s) of the game and more, depending on what tier you choose.

Go here to read more about it or pledge your support.
(Click the agree text at the top of the OffBeatr website if you can’t see any screenshots).

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  1. Really good stuff, its worth the effort.

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