Mar 152013

Version 2.1 of XStoryPlayer has been released, bringing many requested new features to the erotic fantasy simulator. First and foremost is the Fast Sex option, available from the main menu after you complete the two stories. Check the screenshots for a shortcut if you’re impatient. All four girls are available in four different scenarios for you to make love to or abuse without the pressure of figuring out what’s required to advance the story or running out of time. A large menu offers a variety of starting conditions to customize your experience. This is one of the few sex games that feels sandbox and allows for much experimentation to get your freak on just how you see fit. More after the jump.

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In the default mode you can move their arms around and affect their movement in other subtle ways, but there is also puppet mode where you can move a girl’s body into any position you desire, often pulling them off of a table or chair and dropping them onto the floor for further manipulation. Do you require your women to be even more compliant than that? Then coma mode is just for you and is exactly what you think it is. In any mode you can stuff your cock into their mouth, pussy, or ass, although you will certainly have to move yourself and them into the exact position for the hole of your choosing. There are plenty of starting positions and then you dial in the rest. Or have fun just pulling their clothes up and off and unbuttoning their tops so you can feel fully in control of your conquest. A couple sex toys and punishment tools add plenty of spice to the mixture. You can cum and pee on them at any time on any body part and their skin will be lightly stained and the cum with slowly drip down their bodies. And finally you can type commands to the girls, such as “Open your mouth.”

Other improvements include holding shift to make your character run, a side view to get another angle during sex and oral, a save anywhere option, and many more graphics settings.

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