Dec 142012

I spent the afternoon at work cleaning up the place and waiting on my hot yet bitchy female boss hand and foot while she barked commands at me. Then I did it again the next day. So boy was I ready to sedate her and drag her to my apartment for some much earned revenge. While she was passed out, I flipped up her shirt and skirt to have an unfettered look at the goods. Once she was chained up at home, I did what came naturally. I started peeing all over her naked body. These moments of reckless freedom abound in XStoryPlayer, where you may be the virtual pervert you always dreamed of being.

XStoryPlayer Website

There are two stories that come with the base game, which is very reasonably priced, and more scenarios are in the works. The level of interactivity is impressive, from a full AI chat system (both in person and even online dating), and a large number of activities and objects to play with, including dildos, paddling devices, and nipple clamps complete with various attachable weights. Not to mention a very interactive penis that can cum or pee at will, and be inserted in all her special places. My favorite is stripping their clothes off. I’ve been waiting for this in a game and now you can pull clothing off to reveal their lady parts and also unbutton as necessary, with more flesh being revealed as expected with each button defeat. The story lines start slowly as you learn your environments and what objects can be interacted with, as well as meet the various ladies who will be the objects of your affections. Soon the story opens into a multi-tiered erotic experience, where the women are at first very unwilling as you force their sexual discomfort, but they soon come around to reveal they are even kinkier than you. Full review forthcoming.

Download the demo here

Get XStoryPlayer from X Moon Productions.

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  1. demo makes the game look great but the controls seem very difficult to get a handle of (both parts of the demo have me stuck) plus I don’t know if my computer is too slow but the main character walks very slowly and the girls take a LONG time to reply to questions and commands and when they did speak, it took them a long time for their lips to finish moving. (though again idk if that’s my computer) all in all though it looks great n worth a buy

  2. Igot the download it stops after you select who yo are

  3. I have the full game, and I think It’s a good game, but It’s quite difficult to get to go out with the chat girls.

    Someone knows if I could go out with Kelly or Jin. And If I can, how?

    • That one is a little tricky. There is only one girl online who will meet you.


      The key is figuring out which one wants to be photographed, given that you’re a photographer. I admit it took me a long time to find the right one.

      • I know, but If you look in the xmoon page and in screenshoots section, you go clicking five o six times “more screenshoots…”, you could meet some strange screenshoots.

        the first one, you are painting a picture an the other one, in other you are in a bedroom, which one isn’t Jenna’s bedroom, and finally, other where you can see the map, where there are three strange places.

        P.D. but, I really thank you that you have tried to answer my question Muze.

        • Did you try Jenna in the chat dating site?? I don’t know about the screenshots, but that’s the one.

          • yes, In fact, I have tried and finished the story, but I didn’t know whether this screenshoots were about this story or not.

            Therefore, I sent a Email to the game creators and they commented me that this screenshots are about the next story in this game which they are preparing.

            Nowadays, we only could go out with Jenna from among all the chat girls, but they will want to ampliate it, I don’t know whether in the next update or not yet.

  4. Does anyone know how to get the girl to go out with me.

  5. Good

  6. Excellent Game ! So erotic and sexy. Buggs and being slow… well…… I dont care. Enjoyed ever minute of it 🙂

    THANKS !!!


  7. the demo is not downloading i been waiting for like 20mins now help?

  8. Tried the demo few month ago. I wanted to see if there was any update but i can’t go on the website. Everytime i got a “HTTP/1.0 404 Not Found” message.

    I thought it was my browser or my firewall, but nothing seems to work. Is the website down or is it me?

  9. I tried the demo, and think it is very impressive. I for one love the japanese eroge games such as Artificial Girl and others like that, but I think this one has it beat.

    Worth $9

  10. Games like this should be available as android apps

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